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Meet Krissy...


I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PREVENTION.  I stand firm in the idea that food can be healing, movement breeds longevity, and mindset will either bring you closer to or further from your goals.  

I've worked in the traditional medical model as a Physician Assistant for over 17 years, and realize that standard of care often focuses on treating patients from a REACTIVE, rather than PROACTIVE approach.  Little thought is given to teaching the benefits of preventive strategies, such as sustainable nutrition, gut health, and the serious impact that unmanaged stress can play on our health.

 As a busy wife, mother and entrepreneur, I value creating simplicity in the hectic weeks, and understand that personal health is not always a priority. 

My mission is to meet you where you are, and create a personalized plan of action, taking you from boated and exhausted to stepping into your BEST SELF!

Welcome, and I am so glad you're here!


Who I help...


My clients are done with quick-fix options, and are looking for long term solutions to feeling their best.  They are ready to put in the work to create the health they deserve!

I help busy, over scheduled women reset their TOTAL health, by understanding how their gut health & daily stressors may be playing a role in their fatigue, bloat and exhaustion.

Let's start to Heal!




"I can't believe how my skin has cleared up, it's crazy.  People are telling me that I'm glowing!"



"I've already lost 3 pounds, and it's only been 2 weeks!  Just from adjusting my food and moving some every day!"



"You can tell Krissy really cares.  She takes the time to listen to what's really going on, it's so nice to finally be heard."

How I can support you


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Private 1:1 Health Consulting 

The 5M body is my 6 month signature program, where we work together in a 1:1 capacity.  We will focus on optimizing gut health, identifying nutritional gaps, and work to create new routines to minimize stress and fatigue. Through functional medicine testing/interpretation, my clients receive an individualized nutrition & supplement protocol, and recommended lifestyle modifications  My clients begin to regain control of their health, and function at their peak!


Gut Healthy & Happy

This 8 week program was created to help you to finally learn HOW to eat for food freedom.  We'll talk foundations, hormones, food sensitivities, and more. Say goodbye to "quick fixes" and fad diets, and hello to simple and sustainable nutrition that not only beats bloat, increases energy, and helps that skin glow, but also helps you eat for life! Let's nourish your body so it can work how it was meant to!  Our new group kicks off in January 2024, so click the link below to sign up today!

Click the link below to learn more about the program!


BODi App 

My favorite fitness app, and the one that I personally use.  I recommend this if you are searching for a great fitness library.  There are over 900 workouts to choose from, as well as the option to take classes LIVE. Whether you'd like to start Weight training, HIIT (high intensity cardio), indoor Cycling, or Yoga, the annual membership offers all of these classes and more. The app is easy to navigate and track your workouts.

Click the link below to get the app, and start using it today!

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Is this you?


  • Do you need caffeine 3 or more times a day, just to stay awake?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Do you feel tired even if you had a "good" nights sleep?
  • Do you feel exhausted all of the time?
  • Do you have unexplained bloating or bowel changes?
  • Do you feel like you get "sick" often?
  • Are you tired of the quick fix and ready for to make  sustainable lifestyle changes?

 You are here for a reason  


➤ ➤ 


Welcome to The 5M Body! 


  • Functional Medicine laboratory testing (included in the cost of the program!)
  •  Three, 30 minute video sessions with me each month for 6 months to help with accountability and keep you on track!
  • Customized Nutritional plan, with easy meal prep ideas.
  • Personalized supplement recommendations to support your individual needs.
  • A daily movement plan based upon your current level of fitness, and your personal goals.
  • Growth mindset work
  • Teaching & implementing stress management techniques.
  • Daily access to Krissy for added support via the Practice Better portal

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3- Day Reset, and start to make changes today! 

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As a wife, mother and  Physician Assistant, I know about stress & exhaustion. I'm also a cancer survivor who struggled with healing my body during recovery, which led me to create my Total Body Health Program!



I value helping my clients reach their goals.  Whether you need  a personalized Total Health reset with one to one weekly accountability, or you're just looking to exercise more, find out how I can help support you.



"The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well."   





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