Stop Dieting and Start Living! 

Learn to Master simple food foundations,

that allow you to eat without restrictions,

and support gut health,

with my 8 week nutrition program...

Gut Healthy & Happy 

Next Group Starts January 2024! 


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Learn to THRIVE without Thinking!

 Let's erase what you think you "should" or "shouldn't" be eating, and start with a clean slate!  We'll get back to the basics of healthy eating + movement, so you can focus on LIVING without restriction or food fear.

Next Group Starts January 2024, so secure your spot today!


Join NOW!

 this is for YOU if...

  • You are ready for ease and simplicity when it comes to nutrition
  • You're ready to get off of the Yo-Yo diet train, so that you can keep those last 10 lbs off for GOOD!
  • You are ready to (re-)learn  the building blocks of nutrition, so you can keep your results over the long-term
  • You are just starting your gut health journey, and are looking for simple solutions to implement NOW
  • You are ready to have easier digestion + regular bowel movements, less bloat, and skin that glows like a Kardashian!
  • You are ready to have food freedom and flexibility + stop living life on restriction!

You'll master my 3 step L.I.V. method that conquers food fear... 

...and improves your symptoms, without restrictions or diets!

LEARN (the Basics!)

Understand how macro- and micronutrients work in the body + effects of inflammation + blood sugar balance + microbiome support

INTEGRATE (use it!)

Once you understand how gut health and inflammation affect your body, you can start to use what you know to start to repair and heal.  


Let the food freedom + flexibility begin!  Knowledge is power, and once you know how to support your gut, it will start to support YOU! No more diets :)

Here is a look at a few of the specifics...


But wait...there's MORE!

(I know, cheesy, but I've always wanted to say that :)

OK, I'm a Giver.  I want you to finally feel your BEST, and I know there are great ways to boost your success!


3 LIVE Coaching Calls

Bring your questions, and I'll bring the answers (about nutrition, of course!).  The calls will be in a group setting, but I am here to support you to make sure you are able to implement what you've learned!

Cheat Sheets

Having a little help in making daily choices can be a game changer!  In the resources, I share  snack swaps, habit trackers, grocery PDFs, and favorite brands to guide you! Plus, you will have access to my Fullscript Dispensary at 20% savings!

5-Day Meal Plan 

My goal is to get you to a place where you have learned how to create simple, easy + delicious meals.  But I'll help you in the beginning with a custom meal plan to help you start to structure your week

You've got Questions, I've got Answers

Listen, it's normal to have questions, and I want to share some common ones that pop up.  If you've got others, feel free to message me!


Let's Connect :)

A little introduction is in order.

Hi, I'm Krissy.

Holistic Health Coach + Gut Health Guru, with 17+ years experience in medicine as a PA-C.

I'm a mother of 2 beautiful kids, a wife, dog-lover, and small business owner.  I am also a cancer survivor since 2018.

Nutrition played a HUGE role in my recovery, and helped me to not only heal faster, but also finally be able to get to the root of my abdominal cramping, chronic bloating, and  digestion struggles.  

The best part is, I now get to help other women with similar struggles, heal their bodies + finally LIVE without restrictions.

It IS possible to eat delicious food + still feel great.  I know because I do it every day, and now you too can learn how!

What my clients are loving...


"I can definitely see myself eating this way forever.  I don't need my coffee like I used to, and my skin is glowing!  I thought it was going to be hard to make changes, but I actually feel more full throughout the day.  Love it!"

Jennifer T.

"My bloating has improved within a few weeks.  I've lost some stubborn weight around my belly, too!  I love that I don't feel restricted with my choices, and Krissy helped guide me to add in foods I was previously scared to eat!"

Michelle M.

"Krissy does a good job explaining things so they make sense.  I feel like because I know the why, I am more aware of what will actually make me feel good.  It's like the more I know, the less I have to think about it!"

Carrie H.

Now it's YOUR turn! Are you ready to finally learn how to eat to Live?

  • 5- Day Custom Meal Plan ($300 value)
  • Three live calls with Krissy ($1500 value)
  • 8 weeks of video recorded modules ($800 value)
  • Gut friendly recipe vault ($200)
  • Guides, resources, cheat sheets, health trackers, and grocery lists ($500)
  • Finally learning how to eat for life? (priceless!)



That's a Total Value of $3,300!

But that's NOT what you'll pay :)  

Our next group starts January 2024, and For a limited time only, you can secure this 8 week program for only $497!  . 

If you are interested in securing the lowest price this will ever be offered, click the link below to get started and I'll see you on the inside :)



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Extra Bonus!  

When you sign up before December 30th @ 11:59 pm, you'll receive a FREE 1:1 kickoff call with Krissy, so you can get started ASAP :)